Cherry graduation gown with white cape | BSMU
Cherry graduation gown with white cape

An ideal choice for those who want to stand out and at the same time match the official festive dress code. In addition, in many universities in the United States and Europe, graduates' gowns are by no means black, but bright saturated colors.

In this case, the cherry color of the mantle appears as one of 2 colors of the university emblem, and white is the color base of the emblem. Beautiful, stylish and rich color.

Kit contents:
- graduate gown
- red triangular cape
- graduate cap
- tassel

About the graduate gown:
Material - 100% polyester (gabardine)
Sizes - 2 sizes (110 cm and 125 cm from the shoulder)
Front zip
Gathering all over the yoke for volume

About the graduate cap:
Same material as in the mantle
Square size 23 * 23 cm
Sewn-in elastic to adjust the size
There is a button on the top of the cap
Tassel included
Additionally, you can order a sign with the year of issue on a tassel

About the cape:
Graduate gown accessory
Material - 100% polyester (satin)
Glossy shine
Close to body
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Название учебного заведения
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Время начала мероприятия
Нажимая на кнопку, вы даете согласие на обработку своих персональных данных и соглашаетесь с политикой конфиденциальности.